Stop search ad fraud, safeguard ad budgets, and protect your brand
Our automated monitoring service actively seeks out and identifies any malicious ads or cyber fraud before they can affect your brand, business, or budget.

How Brand Auditor works

Threats are blocked, payments for fake leads and fraudulent sales are declined, partners are alerted of search engine infringements, your advertising budget is safe — reserved only for trusted publishers.
Brand Auditor monitors and tracks traffic anomalies across all major search engines, isolating threats based on parameters such as keywords, geography and frequency.
After identification, threats are logged, filtered and prioritised, giving you the chance to review, moderate and choose an appropriate course of action.

Benefits for you

Make sure your trademark is protected
Control search ads in SERP
Protect your brand name

For digital marketers

Facilitate friction-free customer journeys
Get accountable, transparent reporting for advertisers
Avoid brand bidding

For affiliate managers

Protect your brand from any threats

Secure your brand image with a list of pre-approved and forbidden keywords set up directly in your partner program, ensuring you only work with the best, trusted publishers.

Direct brand bidding

Set guidelines that seek, detect, and block attempts by ad fraudsters to lure valuable traffic away from your resources by using coupon aggregators or promo codes.

Landing page brand bidding

Restrict unapproved partners from using your brand keywords and intellectual property, quickly intercepting any attempts to use them illegally in an ad campaign.

Unauthorised brand usage

Collect detailed reports on publishers that use your keywords across various partner networks while attracting new customers from your competitors' affiliate programs.

Unauthorized brand usage through CPA

Why is brand search monitoring important?

Brand-based traffic is amongst the highest-converting traffic. Brand Auditor secures this revenue stream, offering full accountability and data transparency while ensuring that your partners abide by your agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Protect your most valuable traffic

Brand Auditor allows you to take back control of your customer journey — ensuring full, constant, and automated compliance with all search engine advertising trademark rules.

Prevent misuse of your brand

Build, manage, and maintain your Search Engine Results Page performance and position by avoiding trademark violations that could decrease CPCs or drag down your CTR.

Ensure continued SERP success

Unparalleled protection

Anti-fraud defence

Safeguard your brand, business, and budget against unauthorized, fraudulent, and illegal actions by affiliates.

24/7 monitoring

Continuous automated monitoring of paid search activity across all affiliate programmes, brand names or keywords.

Unparalleled reach

In-depth, detailed threat-identification searches across all device types, search engines, geographies and languages.

Real-time reporting

Receive instant alerts of all potential threats and gain granular, transparent reporting and high-fidelity, same-day data.

Key evidence collection

Automatically collect evidence, such as screenshots and tracking links, that are then formatted into ready-to-submit complaint templates.

One-click complaint escalation

Quickly and easily submit any ad fraud complaints, fraudulent traffic, or trademark violations to the appropriate channels in seconds.
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